Prudential, Supervision and Resolution

WSBI-ESBG is a propoponent of the proportionality principle.

Banking legislation: Strike the right balance

WSBI-ESBG is a propoponent of the proportionality principle, an instrument that aims to achieve the right balance between the objectives pursued by legislation and the methods used to achieve them.
It is needed balance to prevent the financial system and its regulatory framework ​from creating disproportionate obligations to banks that do not adjust to the standards ​of size, complexity, business model, and cross-border activity. When proportionality is applied properly, it creates an evironment for further innovation, ​sustainable finance as well as finanical inclusion by savings and retail banks.

Prudential treatment of software investments

In today’s digital era, the current approach of the EU-Legislator to the capital treatment of software assets is a disadvantage in comparison with non-EU banks and FinTech Companies and must be tackled in order to achieve a level playing field, preserve fair competition and advance technological innovations and digitalisation in the financial (banking) sector.

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