Auditing, Accounting and Reporting

ESBG members support the aim to curb short-term speculation and to encourage the prohibition of undesirable market behaviour

The ESBG advocates for the promotion of high-quality accounting and disclosure standards for the banking industry, thus aiming for standardised reporting requirements.

Our advocacy measures focus on alleviating the reporting burden for banking and financial institutions as well as on increasing data quality, comparability and reliability. Additionally, we advocate for sound audit practices that contribute to high quality corporate reporting and to useful and understandable auditor reporting. As data requirements to banks have increased exponentially in recent years, both from European and national authorities, we believe that the reporting requirements need to be carefully scrutinised, together with supervisory and regulatory authorities, in order to ensure that they are as clear and as efficient as possible. We thus follow developments of rules and legislation both in the EU institutions (EU COM, EBA, ECB, EFRAG) and international standard setters (IASB) on issues related to accounting, auditing and reporting that are relevant for banking and financial institutions. We hereby contribute the decision-making process by submitting our views, in form of position papers to publicly consulted draft standards or by engaging in direction discussions with the regulators.

Our latest content on Auditing, Accounting and Reporting

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Daisy chain

Daisy chain of internal MREL

Resolution groups with entities in only one member state should be exempted from the “daisy chain” deduction framework.

Report paperwork

Call for evidence on the European Commission mandate regarding the PRIIPs Regulation

In Europe there are many PRIIPs that retail investors can purchase. In the area of structured products (PRIPs) alone, there are more than 1.5 million of them.


ESMA’s review of the MiFID II best execution reports

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​​​​​​​​​​​Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)​

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