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ESBG Monthly Regulatory Newsletter

ESBG’s monthly newsletter concentrates on the latest developments with regards to our lobbying and advocacy activities in detail during the correspondent period. Its content includes high-impact public actions such as the publication of position papers, joint industry letters, exchanges with our stakeholders and external appearances of our staff members and the Managing Director. The audience of the newsletter includes but is not limited to the European Commission and other EU Institutions staff, Members of the European Parliament, and EU financial stakeholders including associations, think-tanks, and other NGOs along with journalists.

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    WSBI Monthly Global Newsletter

    Produced on a monthly basis, Financial News and Views Global follows the WSBI’s new cross-regional thematic approach. The core idea is that in the face of common global issues, such as sustainable finance, financial inclusion and regulatory compliance, WSBI members across the world will benefit from exchanging best practices and knowledge across borders. Priority themes follow the WSBI newly created thematic networks that focus on the following topics: sustainability, financial inclusion, digitalisation and payments, business development, and cybersecurity. The Global newsletter consists of three main sections: EU policy and regulatory updates; global regulatory and policy updates; and market developments.

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