WSBI’s World Savings Day 2023 campaign

“Celebrate the premiere of the official World savings Day 2023 Video with us today!”

World Savings Day 2023 - Official Video Premiere

¡Hoy es el Día Mundial del Ahorro 2023! Ver vídeo completo del IMCA-ESBG en Español castellano!

#WSD23 Aujourd’hui, c’est la Journée mondiale de l’épargne 2023, regardez la vidéo #WSD23 en #français !

Oggi è la Giornata Mondiale del Risparmio 2023! Guarda il video completo di WSBI-ESBG in italiano!

Heute ist der Weltspartag 2023! WSBI-ESBG Video auf Deutsch ansehen!

¡Hoy es el Día Mundial del Ahorro 2023! Vea el vídeo completo del WSBI-ESBG en español

Established on 31 October 1924 by the WSBI founding fathers as the ‘World Thrift Day’, the World Savings Day has been marked ever since.

This year, as in the past, WSBI is launching an awareness raising campaign, much in harmony with similar actions conducted by saving banks across the world.

This kind of awareness raising campaigns and the subsequent increase in savings are especially meaningful to build “resilient” generations which is something that we all need regardless of where we live in this world. We believe that individual savings makes the society advance, as it is a collective movement.

That’s why we put the “youth” in the centre of this year’s WSD campaign video. Encouraging the young generation to plan their finances will not only give them freedom and security, two things that are vital for them, but also it will help build a strong society aware of the importance of savings.

The WSBI has therefore prepared a special campaign video in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and German) aimed at positively impact the public at an international level by associating “savings” with several Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations such as education, health and entrepreneurship.

The central message of our campaign is to “Conquer your Tomorrow” through savings! Curious? Stay tuned for the launch of this video through our various channels on 31st of October.

We are inviting all our members partners and stakeholders to join our campaign. Reach out to our communications team to learn how you can become a part of this meaningful efforts:

For promotion through social media, please make sure to use the hashtags of this year: #Conqueryourtomorrow #Save4Sustainability #Save4Health #Save4Education #Save4entrepreneurship

And please always tag us:
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World Savings Day 2023 Video Teasers

Save for Sustainability

Save for Health

Save for Education

Save for Security

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