The Building a Foundation track is focused on the unique combination of skills that young people need to be resilient and achieve long-term social and economic success in a changing world of work. This track is focused on effective models and approaches for supporting social and emotional learning in youth (e.g., online learning, hybrid online and face-to-face, integrated into formal education, stand-alone non-formal education, cross-sectoral, Positive Youth Development (PYD), work-based learning, other). Through four concurrent breakout sessions, this track will explored how approaches are being re-thought, accelerated, or applied in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people.

We took a deep dive into how program models, training, and approaches have been adapted for cultural norms and diverse youth populations (gender-sensitive, gender-inclusive, marginalized, trauma or conflicted-affected youth); tools and resiliency frameworks used by practitioners to select, train, and retain youth; training of other important figures, community stakeholders and mentors (parents, community members, front-line managers and employers, policymakers) to better support the development of critical skills in young people. The track incorporated a cross-cutting focus on youth engagement, gender, technology, systems-based approaches, and a healthy workforce.

Scale2Save Webinar: Building a Foundation of Skills for Young People in Africa

This Scale2Save programme video explores research on young people and their livelihoods made through self-employment, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Case Study
The 30-minute piece provides a case study of a young person in Nigeria who balances university studies with his quest to become a successful music producer.

Why the research matters
Digital channels matter during a pandemic like coronavirus, as young people in young people in Africa navigate the way their future, how they earn money, spend it, save and grow their business or form a household.

• Weselina Angelow, Programme Director, Scale2Save Programme
• Guy Stuart, Executive Director, Microfinance Opportunities
• Anne Marie van Swinderen, Managing Director, L-IFT
• Lise Paaskesen, Independent Consultant
• Stephen Peachey, Independent Consultant
• Ehiakhumen Destiny, University Student and Music Producer, Benin City, Nigeria