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​​​The European Savings and Retail Banking Group: focused on helping savings and retail banks thrive.


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​Representing the locally focused banking model

ESBG represents the locally focused European banking sector, helping savings and retail banks in 18 ​European countries strengthen their unique approach that focuses on providing service to local communities and boosting SMEs. An advocate for a proportionate approach to banking rules, ESBG unites at EU level some 885 banks, which together employ 659,797 people driven to innovate at 47,198 outlets. ESBG members have total assets of €5.7 trillion, provide €1 trillion in corporate loans, including to SMEs, and serve 162 million Europeans seeking retail banking services. ESBG members commit to further unleash the promise of sustainable, responsible 21st century banking. Learn more at www.wsbi-esbg.org.

Supporting a single market, subsidiarity

ESBG members​ support the development of a single market for Europe that adheres to the principle of subsidiarity, whereby the European Union only acts when individual Member States cannot sufficiently do so. 

Advocating for a diverse banking sector

Pluralism and diversity in the European banking sector safeguard the market against shocks that arise from time to time, whether caused by internal or external forces. Members seek to defend the European social and economic model that combines economic growth with high living standards and good working conditions. 

Forming positions on regulation

ESBG members come together to agree on and promote common positions on relevant matters of a regulatory or supervisory nature.​​​