Joint statement calling for clear distinction between AI and credit scoring in AI Act


On 11 January 2024, a joint industry statement was issued by ESBG, together with the Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS), the European Banking Federation (EBF), the European Association for Co-operative Banks (EACB), the European FinTech Association (EFA), European Federation of Finance House Associations (Eurofinas), and the European Federation of Leasing Company Associations (Leaseeurope).

With the statement, the financial sector stresses the need to safeguard ongoing credit scoring operations from potential disruptions caused by pending technical details around the agreed definition of “artificial intelligence systems” in the Artificial Intelligence Act.

To ensure legal clarity and distinguish between AI and traditional credit scoring techniques, it is imperative to introduce clarifications within the AI Act. Taking these steps will contribute to a more precise understanding of the technologies shaping the financial landscape

Contact Info:
Janine Barten
Advisor – Digital Finance and Innovation
+32 2 211 11 27


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