The journey


WSBI's research 'Perspectives' lay out global barriers to access to finance and explain how the savings and retail banking network help overcome them.

Main achievement:


accounts were offered globally through the WSBI network at the time.

2008 - Doubling Savings Accounts programme

A seven-year global partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to drive massive outreach in 10 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Main achievement:


new and active savings account customers


savers reached


village groups linked up through mobile technology


service points connected digitally


2015 - Coalition partner

WSBI becomes a coalition partner of the Worldbank Group’s Universal Financial Access Agenda (UFA 2020) committing to 400 million new transaction accounts through the WSBI network.


Main achievement:


WSBI achieves its UFA commitment in 2018 with 1.733 billion accounts.

2016 – Launch of Scale2Save

Scale2Save starts operating as a six-year partnership with the Mastercard Foundation in six countries in Africa to drive customer centric solutions for 1 million customers and becomes a partner in the Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab led by Itad.

Main achievement:1.3million
• Women, youth and farmers benefit from customer centric solutions and can make better use of financial services and, savings in particular
• 12 unique business models tested with a broad range of financial services, viability of low balance savings proven
• 100+ publications put out including sector and customer research
• Collaboration with wide array of national sector players


Scale2Save launches its annual ‘State of the Savings and Retail Banking sector in Africa’ research series to look at the quality of savings and causes of account inactivity and dormancy.


Scale2Save starts looking at better metrics for savings as part of the e-MfP led action group.

More about action group


Scale2Save becomes a standalone brand supporting the WSBI network of socially committed partner banks in contributing to job creation and business growth, financial and climate resilience, as well as to the empowerment of the most vulnerable customer groups