Ukraine: ESBG members reaffirm their social responsibility

Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine has caused the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War with millions fleeing their country. At the same time, it has triggered various actions and reactions from the European Commission and EU regulators that heavily affect banks.
ESBG members have raised to the challenges that the crisis in Ukraine has created. On one hand, they are sharing knowledge and best practices in a coordinated way to tackle the challenges as they raise. On the other, European savings and retail banks have reaffirmed their commitment to social responsibility with direct actions and initiatives to support people in need.

Associazione di Fondazioni e di Casse di Risparmio (ACRI) (Italy): On 7 March, ACRI allocated an extraordinary contribution of 2 million euros to support the activities of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) assisting Ukrainian refugees fleeing their country.