State of Savings and Retail Banking in Africa Series

State of the Sector Report 2022 EN │ FR

State of the Sector Case Studies 2020  2022

° Unpacking the customer through demand side data EN │FR

° Digital platforms serving the agricultarul sector  EN │FR

° Connecting with the low-income customers through digitalisation  EN │FR

° Innovative Business : partnership as a key to unlocking the mass market  EN FR

° Mobile financial services : unlocking the potential of mobile for low-value account holders EN FR

° Covid-19: from a customer, retail banking and regulatory perspective EN │ FR

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State of the Sector Report 2019 EN │ FR

State of the Sector Report 2018 EN │ FR

Young people in Africa

Research showing opportunities for financial service providers in Morocco, Nigeria and Senegal. Download Report EN │FR

Youth spending patterns. Download Infograph  EN

Youth income patterns. Download Infograph EN

Savings  Patterns Young People. Download Infograph EN

Young people in Africa: Video Series

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5-Country Customer Research

Driving formal savings: What works for low-income women? EN

Driving financial resilience among the low-income population: EN