Sanctions Painkiller: Series of the webinar on navigating sanctions compliance

Amid the shifting and rapidly deteriorating geopolitical landscape, companies find themselves increasingly exposed to the risk of sanctions, operational and supervisory problems, and obligations to comply with regulations from multiple jurisdictions and organisations. Compliance measures must become more sophisticated to avoid facing penalties and reputational risks.
Over the years, the EU has imposed sanctions on a number of countries and entities, such as Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. In the last months, the EU and its allies have imposed a stringent sanction regime on Russia and Russian entities, amid the Ukrainian crisis.

Against this backdrop, the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute is pleased to launch a series of webinars aimed at providing critical intelligence, best practices, and key methods that institutions in the financial industry can employ the navigate the current sanction regime.

In the first webinar, speakers from Pideeco, will provide guidance and concrete examples on global sanctions and controls restrictions that will facilitate smooth overview and productive discussions.