When Digital Meets Traditional Banking: A New Concept Emerge

Banks engage in building innovative, secure and reliable services to enable the customer financial journey and build long-lasting relationships with them.

Banks invest heavily in innovation​, taking a digital path, keeping a human touch. They reap opportunities from FinTech while meeting client needs, security and expectations. ​WSBI-ESBG enables idea creation and inspiration between savings and retail banks as well as innovation frontrunners. Its experts work on several digital workstreams, supporting policy that fuels innovation through a level-playing field and keeps in view customer protection.

Fair and Clear Relations with Customers

To build and maintain a long-term relationship of trust and confidence with those people they serve as customers, WSBI-ESBG member banks:

  • ​Provide clear, accurate information on products and services and other terms and conditions of use, in the branches, via mobile and online, thus fostering and promoting transparency.
  • Give advice that meets customer need. At the same time, promote products and services appropriate with their personal circumstances and financial profile, paying special attention to the most vulnerable.
  • Address customer complaints quickly and efficiently.
  • Work against money laundering as well as financing of terrorism.

The Digital Dimension

WSBI-ESBG members embed the digital dimension in their business models, and therefore:

  • Provide the highest levels of data security, confidentiality and cybersecurity.
  • Further promote outreach and leverage accessibility and proximity banking, taking advantage of the latest digital means.
  • Address digital exclusion through multiple forms of engagement – delivery and support channels included – and digital financial education.
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Transparency matters greatly. Clear communication of activities and policies plays an important role for responsible business. Accordingly, WSBI-ESBG members will:

  • ​Publish the charter for responsible business.
  • Invite charter subscribers to communicate publicly on their efforts to implement charter principles.
  • Publish their sustainability achievements at least on an annual basis. ​

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