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​Published materials from​ WSBI and ESBG

News & Views Magazine December edition: Change of an era>>

​The December 2017 edition of News & Views looks at the change taking foot in society and banking as the digital wave sweeps over the financial sector. It also gives a recap of the 2017 WSBI annual meetings in Cape Town, a policy update from ESBG as well as a feature on the Making Small Scale Savings Work partnership between WSBI and the Mastercard Foundation to help boost financial access and economic development in seven African countries.

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Our titles.


News & Views​​

A quarterly publication covering the latest news from the assocations as well as insight pieces from leaders in the savings and retail banking world. 

Special focus is placed on WSBI work on financial inclusion, innovation, sustainable finance, proportionality and better regulation. 
​In print or online, its written with WSBI-ESBG members and banking sector stakeholders in mind. ​

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Position Papers

WSBI-ESBG 's latest position papers include responses to consultations and letters submitted to the European Commission an​d other po​​licymaking bodies.​​ 

Covers a host of issues related to public policy that affects the savings and retail banking model.
A must read for policymakers, policy experts and stakeholders. 

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Published from 1997 to 2013, the Perspectives series contains research papers on economic, legal and marketing-oriented topics, ​
as well as on microcredit and microfinance. Most editions of the publication are available as a .pdf via the search box below. 

Printed copies are still available for the most recent issues.​ 

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​WSBI and ESBG publish on a regular basis research papers on specific topics. 

Subjects covered include financial inclusion, WSBI's doubling savings account programme, microcredit, access to finance, social dividend, proximity, sustainability, mobile banking, agent banking and affordability. 

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ESBG brochures.

ESBG Policy Perspectives 20​16-2017


Savings and retail banking: A unique, locally driven model that helps unleash real economy growth and create jobs. 

Available in four languages, it provides an overview of policy positions taken by savings and retail banks in Europe that relate to EU policy. 

An ideal first read for policymakers and stakeholders. ​

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 ​​​ESBG: Banking.Serving.Thriving.


brochure published by ESBG in 2016 that provides an overview of the social value of savings and retail banks. 

Banking. Serving. Thriving showcases the impact made by European savings and retail banks to boost the real economy
​while giving back to the communities they serve. ​​

It gives policymakers and stakeholders a glimpse of how savings and retail banking play a special role in the EU economy and society. 

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​​WSBI brochures.



brochure published by WSBI in 2017 that provides an overview of the social value of savings and retail banks
​in the Latin American and Caribbean region. 

BANCARIZANDO. SIRVIENDO. PROSPERANDO. showcases the impact made by savings and retail banks in the region to boost the real economy while giving back to the communities they serve. 

​​It gives policymakers and stakeholders a glimpse of how savings and retail banking play a special role. 

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WSBI-CYFI joint study on SchoolBank

 A recent study showing the power of financial education starting young via School Bank programme. 

The report describes the different models and approaches to SchoolBanking through the long tradition of activities carried out by WSBI members 
​as well through CYFI’s current work in this area. 

Intended for policymakers and stakeholders, report conclusions and case studies demonstrate how SchoolBank is a proven way to inform and educate people at a young age about financial principles that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

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​​ WSBI G20 institutional positions

​The latest set of institutional positions from WSBI related to G20 policy areas. 

The eight-page document calls on G20 policymakers to recognise and encourage the role played by savings and retail banks in the real economy
and to ensure appropriate regulation for better economic growth. 

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