'Digital wave' reinventing banks

People interact with local banks through branch, online and mobile.

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17 March 2016 

​​​​​​​​​The following piece is a message from ESBG that appeared in today's Politico.eu Morning Exchange.

Time is of the essence. For Europe’s savings and retail banks, it’s something the digital wave has made clearer than ever. People expect 24/7 service and easy-to-use technology that keeps them in control of their personal finances. People won’t stand for queues, but prefer to tap into channels like banking apps. Locally minded banks, proud of their longstanding and trusted relationships with a sizable client base – including households and SMEs – know this.

Digitization changes the customer journey. Working keenly to connect better with their customers, who hunt for facts themselves and transact over an array of channels – regardless of time and place – savings and retail banks are working to deliver comparably high-quality service that’s secure. End-to-end processes are being revisited not only to adjust to new delivery channels but also to harness the efficiencies that digitization enables. That means taking a closer look at customer needs and how people connect with their bank. 

Can EU policy help? The clock is ticking. 

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Digitalisation; European Institutions; European Supervisory Authorities (EBA-ESMA); Retail payments; Bank accounts; Banking Technology; Proportionality