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Next month: World Savings Day

Next month: World Savings Day

​This year's theme: "What do you wish for?"

>> Learn more about World Savings Day

>> Visit dedicated w​ebsite

BRUSSELS, 12 September 2018  – Savings helps people make their wishes come true. 

“What do you wish for?"is this year's World Savings Day coming 31 October, WSBI said today. 

As savings are a path making dreams realised, WSBI has developed this year a revamped website for World Savings Day. The association and its more than 100 members in 80 countries are gearing up to celebrate peoples' efforts to save and realise their dreams. 

The global association will be using the hashtags #WhatDoYouWishFor? and #WorldSavingsDay2018 on Twitter and will share with @WSBI_ESBG how wishes come true.  

Why it's important

WSBI is once again at the helm for Wo​rld Savings Day. For WSBI and its members, World Savings Day places added focus on the stabilising role played by savings and retail banking in the overall financial system. It evokes some of the ethos of local banks: responsible partners in communities, close to the customer, serving households, small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) and local authorities. WSBI member banks demonstrate their locally focused approach to banking through World Savings Day activities in the communities they serve. 

Examples of what's being done in countries around the world are available on the site. Those examples show that World Savings Day is good fun, educational and inclusive.

>> Learn more about World Savings Day

>> Visit the dedicated website

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