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World Savings Day 2017 website up and running

World Savings Day 2017 website up and running

​This year's theme: Our future starts with savings.

​​>> Visit: 2017 World Savings Day website​​

>> A detailed history of World Savings Day

​​​​BRUSSELS, 8 August 2017 – WSBI has published recently a revamped World Savings Day website as part of its preparations to ramp up activity around World Savings Day set for 31 October.

Celebrated around the world, World Savings Day 2017 includes events created by participating organisations, with WSBI-ESBG members' being active in public awareness campaigns created and put in place by them.

WSBI and World Savings Day​: events and website

The purpose of World Savings Day efforts by WSBI and its members is to share with the public the virtue of savings and the positive effect it has on people's daily lives. It gives member organisations a chance to build deeper connections with the communities they serve. It's also an opportunity to “sell" our messages around the importance of the savings and retail banking model as a way to help people to take some benefit from an increasingly globalised world.

To help tell this year's World Savings Day story, WSBI has re-launched its World Savings Day microsite that was launched in 2016. The microsite is a quick reference with easy-to-find links to each WSBI member taking part. WSBI will also host on 26 October in Brussels as special World Savings Day kick-off event.

People from all walks of life take part​

The general public, including young people, as well as non-profit organisations and governments take part at local, national and international level. WSBI members from dozens of countires take part each year, proving time and time again as an important part of their outreach in the communities they serve.​

2018 theme: Our future starts with savings

Our future starts with savings, this year's World Savings Day theme, tries to evoke the idea that savings are the path to brighter future. Savings is one of the most important areas to change one's life. Research has shown that by saving, even in small amounts, it can have a lasting impact on future economic prosperity, including micro and small-business creation, social cohesion and an overall better quality of life. 

A sense of security from savings for the future. It is especially important in today's world as societies in both developing and developed countries are frustrated by globalisation. Recent political events are proof of the growing discontent of people and widening inequality between those in the top echelon of income and wealth and those being squeezed out of the middle class.

A sense of control, which comes with the conscious decision to save. People are the captains of their own destiny, both in financial terms and other aspects of daily life. That is especially the case now, as digitisation of financial services has emerged as a major force changing the way we approach savings.​

​​>> Visit: 2017 World Savings Day website​​​

>> A detailed history of World Savings Day

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