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World Savings Day 2016 fast approaching

World Savings Day 2016 fast approaching

​World Savings Day 2016 website

​2016 global theme: Grabbing Hold of Your Financial Future

>> Visit the 2016 World Savings Day website​

​​BRUSSELS, 23 September 2016  ​This year’s World Savings Day is fast approaching. 

The 2016 global theme is Grabbing Hold of Your Financial Future, which evokes the growing desire by people throughout the world to take control of their lives, especially when it comes to personal financing. Savings helps fill that need. 

Taking place annually on and around 31 October, World Savings Day is a chance to celebrate the benefits of thrift. Events created by participating organisations, including WSBI members, look to increase public awareness of the importance of savings both for modern economies and for individuals alike. 

New for 2016: dedicated World Savings Day 2016 site

To help tell that story, we have created a new dedicated World Savings Day 2016 microsite that gives people a chance to learn more about activities taking place in their area and who is hosting them. It also includes a link to a bit of history of World Savings Day. The microsite is meant to be a quick reference with easy-to-find links to each WSBI member taking part. Dozens of organisations already plan to celebrate in one form or another the day.

Information needed

That’s where you come in. If you plan to hold World Savings Day Events please let us know! By filling out a few basic items below, we can publish a brief mention of you event, linking people to your website. 
Just tell us the following:
  • Who: Name or your organisation
  • What: A brief description of no more than 100-word description focusing on you activities on the day.
  • When: Please list the day or days only (i.e. 31 October)
  • Where: If held in one place, mention it. IF in many places throughout the country, just type “throughout the country”.
  • Contact: It is always helpful to provide an e-mail contact where people can connect with your organisation. (i.e.
  • Link: Please share with us the link to your World Savings Day activities if there is one. 

Should WSBI members or other interest parties have promotional photos or event promotional artwork that you would like to include, please send it to​.

Let's make World Savings Day another success!

World Savings Day