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This November: 2018 World Congress in New Delhi

This November: 2018 World Congress in New Delhi

​​Event looks at how savings and retail banks can help prepapre communities for globalisation

>> Learn more: Congress webpage

BRUSSELS, 12 September 2018 – The WSBI World Congress set for 15-16 November in New Delhi, India, aims at bringing WSBI and ESBG members and all interested retail bankers together to discuss the topics that define the future of the retail banking sector and to bring a powerful message to the worldwide policymaking community. The congress features speakers and panellists from WSBI’s membership as well as experts from the banking sector around the world. It offers the attendees insights during high-impact panel discussions.

This year's theme: "Sustainable retail banking: Making globalisation inclusive for all"

Is the tide turning against globalisation? Are too many people feeling left behind by global growth? These questions are being asked more and more, reinforced by the tendency of some countries to shift towards protectionism. Yet, while raising living standards, globalisation is a positive force able to lift many people out of poverty. Over the past half-century, globalisation has brought many benefits to the world economy. Openness to trade enhanced competition and spread technology; income and jobs increased. Stronger income growth allowed global poverty and cross-country gaps to decline. However, very few citizens experience this positive force in their everyday life. Inequalities still exist and are rising. 

Who will attend

Speakers and panellists from all over the world will attend the 25th WSBI World Congress and share their experience and views on the topic of globalisation, financial inclusion and the role of savings and retail banks in this respect. Fellow WSBI members, policymakers and other industry insiders attending will hear about how those banks can make their infrastructure in the field of payments, credit decisions, financial advice work while bringing the benefits of globalisation to every street and every house.

They will know better about robotic breakthroughs in manufacturing and how to cope with the threats those innovations bring: what’s left of the human dimension of work, how to train the workforce, what about social protection and what influence on banks? A particular focus will be made on India, a country that has been able to provide an electronic ID to more than one billion of its citizens in only ten years. Attendees will see how this can lead to a higher level of financial inclusion. This will allow attendees to compare different models, from financial institutions in developing countries and their European counterparts. 

​The Congress in numbers:

  • 5 plenary sessions & 2 master classes 

  • 8 high-impact networking opportunities 

  • 45+ speakers Some 400 attendees​

>> Learn more: Congress webpage

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