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WSBI World Congress Day 2

WSBI World Congress Day 2

​ WSBI members to focus on opportunities, challenges globalisation brings​

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​NEW DELHI, 16 November 2018 – Top banking and policy leaders took further stock of how savings and retail banking fits into a globalised world the second day of the 25th World Congress of Savings and Retail Banks being held this week in the Indian capital New Delhi.

Panel discussion: Globalisation inclusive for all; role of retail and savings banks

The last plenary session of the two-day Congress explored the conference theme: “Making globalisation inclusive for all: the role of retail and savings banks ." Moderated by WSBI Managing Director Chris De Noose, the panel included leaders from German, Indian, Swedish Mexican and Indonesian savings and retail banks and national organisations.

​That panel tackled how financial institutions can become keystones of local economies and make those local communities benefit as much as possible from the opportunities globalisation presents.

Rural development, circular economy and digitisation where three sub-topics discussed during the panel. Examples gave further insight about how countries represented on the panel address the globalisation challenge.

Keynote addresses from privacy experts, French savings banks president

The Day 2 programme featured Max Schrems, privacy activist, founder of noyb – European Center for Digital Rights, who provided a much-anticipated morning keynote address to the more than 250 attendees at the two-day event on happens to personal data in a digital world. Another keynote featured French National Federation of Savings Banks (FNCE) President Jean Arondel, who shared with the Congress how French savings banks provide an example of the close link between regionally focused banks and local communities. Keshav Rao of SWIFT Asia Pacific delved into how banks are fortresses against cybercrime while Naoyuki Yoshino from the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) gave his thoughts on the conference theme.

WSBI New Delhi Declaration, address from newly appointed WSBI president

As the Congress came to a close, WSBI member savings and retail banks committed themselves to help bridge the socio-economic inequality gap among people around the globe. They put that aim to paper in a New Delhi Declaration, where they affirm the goal to achieve this by including a maximum number of people into the formal economy and financial system.

Newly appointed WSBI President Isidro Fainé echoed elements of the WSBI New Delhi Declaration in his closing session remarks, saying that savings and retail banks are ideally placed to help calls from society to tackle the need for economic growth  – no matter where. That means economic growth that is sustainable, deep-rooted and widespread, which generates inclusive economic and social development, not just in big cities but also in sometimes hard-to-reach rural areas.

Fainé also noted that WSBI members and stakeholders during our panels and speeches see an essential role that non-OECD countries play in the world, saying that the WSBI World Congress has shown the special role played by savings and retail banks to ensure that Asian, Latin American and African economies become actors that stand side by side with all regions in the global economy.



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