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​World Savings Day 2014: share your ideas with us!

​World Savings Day 2014: share your ideas with us!

WSBI, World Savings Day will celebrate 90th anniversary

​​​BRUSSELS, 9 July 2014 – ​World Savings Day was the first initiative of WSBI all the way back in 1924. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of both, WSBI calls on its members to send materials showcasing the initiatives they will organise in their countries to promote World Savings Day at the end of October.

There is clearly renewed interest in retail banking and saving. The fact that many WSBI members all over the world are so active on World Savings Day – members in Germany, Austria, Italy, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Brazil – or would like to become active – members in Sweden and Vietnam – shows that there is fertile ground to make World Savings Day flourish.

For its part, WSBI has created a specific World Savings Day webpage to increase awareness of World Savings Day within and outside our membership. The website will display WSBI members'  World Savings Day activities and contain links to any of their own national initiative-specific websites.

World Savings Day