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WSBI prepares for World Savings Day

WSBI prepares for World Savings Day


​​Ideas provided by WSBI help make World Savings Day a success.

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>> World Savings Day 2020 guidelines​

BRUSSELS, 31 July 2020 - Preparations a​re underway for this year’s World Savings Day 2020, which is just three months away. Held in and around 31 October, this year's theme is “When you save a bit, big things follow.”

Participating in the World Savings Day 2020 requires a fair amount of preparation. To help partners WSBI provides a quick-and-easy guide to navigate their work. A set of tools and event ideas available on the website give WSBI members, government authorities and other trusted partners basic ideas to create and promote the benefits of thrift. All provided by WSBI to help make their World Savings Day a success.

​Logo and theme

WSBI allows approved, participating partners full use of the logo and theme “When you save a bit, big things follow!". Use of the logo is allowed when highlighting World Savings Day on your conference website, stationary or the event signage.  E-mail WSBI to receive logos. 

World Savings Day website

Partners can refer to this website, to glean ideas about projects done by WSBI members and partners during the past few years. The site also gives participants a chance to highlight their events through pictures and a short description of what they did, where, when and for whom.  

​Story and event ideas: 

The best stories start with people, so WSBI provides partners ideas connect better with their communities by bringing their stories alive.  The site also provides ideas for events, including a bike ride, a jeans exchange, a “build-money-box challenge" or a reading club for kids.​

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World Savings Day