WSBI plus Tanzanian, Kenya members join CGAP event

Take part in three-day CGAP Provider and Customer Solutions Partners programme.

​​​BRUSSELS, 8 February 2017  ​WSBI and its members from Tanzania and Kenya will take part in the CGAP Provider and Customer Solutions Partners Event being held this week in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. WSBI will participate during the three-day session that started yesterday as part of its continuous effort to explore opportunities to use the CGAP Guidance on Customer Centricity, and learning from the event will also be relevant to the WSBI Making Small Scale Savings Work Programme. It also takes part to support its network to embed customer centricity in practices. The event will focus on learning from customers, designing for use and organizing for delivery. 

What is taking place​

Representatives from nearly 45 financial service providers as well as a wide spectrum of FinTech firms, funders and market facilitators from across the globe will share their work with customer-focused, pioneering solutions. Insights gained from the event will feed into WSBI and WSBI Advisory Services' goal to engage with partners and institutions to harvest deeper insight about customers. 

Why the event is important

Insights gained from the event can be transformed into action that builds up more client-focused services. Insights cans also be used to find ways to boost banks' trust levels and financial inclusion efforts. At the same time, customer frustration and account dormancy rates may also be better tackled.

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