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WSBI joins B20 task force for second straight year

WSBI joins B20 task force for second straight year


​​​​Group to focus on financing growth & infrastructure under new Argentinian presidency

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>> B20 Task Force on financing growth & infrastructure

BRUSSELS, 5 February 2018 –​ WSBI received news recently that will be a member once more in the B20 Financing Growth & Infrastructure Taskforce under the new Argentinian Presidency. 

This is the second time WSBI will take part in the body. WSBI participated in the task force for the first time during the 2017 German Presidency, where it advocated its 'better regulation and evidence-based regulation' to the B20. 

Efforts paid off, as the G20 committed at the Hamburg Summit held last year that it would work to finalise the Basel III framework without further significantly increasing overall capital requirements across the banking sector, while promoting a level playing field. It also supported the necessity to analyse the effects of financial regulatory reforms and the structured framework for post-implementation evaluation. WSBI look forward to working with other B20 working group members to develop policy recommendations.  

​About B20 Task Forces

B20’s trademark is the development of consensus based concrete policy proposals from the private sector with the objective of generating more and better jobs, sustained growth and development.

The process involves the constitution of taskforces (TFs) of around 100 business representatives of the entire G20 and invited countries. After a 7-month period of discussions, the B20 will be ready to submit its policy recommendations to the G20 leaders.

B20 Argentina proposed the Financing Growth & Infrastructure​ Task Force along with ​seven others.

Financing Growth & Infrastructure (From B20 website)

Infrastructure has long been recognized by G20 leaders as a fundamental driver for economic growth.

Physical and digital connectivity ensures inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable human settlements. The last decades have witnessed an extraordinary urban growth and the trend is expected to continue, but adequate infrastructure and a reliable energy matrix allow regional economies to flourish, while digital infrastructure and collaborative efforts allow innovation to occur in every community, fostering investment and trade.

But most importantly, infrastructure is essential to guarantee a good quality of life and, ultimately, to sustain the social contract between communities and the State.

Estimates indicate that between 3-4% of the global GDP needs to be invested each year in infrastructure to achieve the growth goals and projections of G20 countries. According to estimates, in some regions like Latin America, investment needs may reach 8% per year as the infrastructure gap includes electricity access and drinking water coverage for rural populations.

Yet still an extremely insufficient ratio of the world’s financial funds is directed towards long-term infrastructure investment. This has been a staple of past B20 discussions, but more needs to be done and clear milestones need to be set to measure success.

Externalities impeding private capital flows need to be openly dealt with in order to move forward. By bringing together representatives of the financial community of B20 countries and experts in infrastructure, B20 can help by providing recommendations to foster private investment in well-defined, visible, transparent projects. Furthermore, establishing an adequate role for multilateral banks will ensure the consideration of infrastructure investments as an asset class attracting institutional investors in every infrastructure category.

​​We all acknowledge the role played by G20 in dealing with global financial crises in the past. But more work may be necessary in regulatory coherence and tax cooperation to foster business development and sustainable GDP growth. B20 will continue to support and actively participate in this discussion.​​

The B20 Summit will be held on 4-5 October in Buenos Aires.

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