WSBI appointed for first time to EBTN board

Institute expert to represent 17 EBTN associate members on network's decision-making body

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​​BRUSSELS, 22 June 2016 – WSBI was chosen for the first time to have one of its experts serve on the board of the European Banking and Financial Services Training Association (EBTN). Deputy Director Laurie Dufays, who leads training efforts at the savings and retail banking institute, will join the 11-member EBTN board effective immediately, representing the network's 17 associate members that includes WSBI.

The appointment was announced last week in Athens where 32 members from 17 countries voted in EBTN board elections as part of the association's general assembly. The new board will define its 2017 strategy and working plan in the coming weeks, which will be based on four EBTN pillar activities: 1) accreditation and certification; 2) lobby and advocacy; 3) exchange of best practices; and 4) thematic committees like financial education or the European Foundation Certificate in Banking (EFCB).

WSBI, EBTN and a well-trained banking workforce

WSBI sees a big upside participating within EBTN as an associate member and on the board. EBTN provides the savings and retail banking body a forum to keep connected on the latest activity around training in Europe and around the world – a valuable channel for WSBI members to keep abreast of latest developments in this sphere.  WSBI also sees value in providing its expertise to improve the level of training provided. On the lobbying and regulatory front, EBTN promotes with authorities workforce training work done by the banking and financial services industry, always striving to boost training quality levels.

Helping rebuild public trust in European banking sector

Rebuilding trust in the banking sector is one of the objectives of the EBTN, a network that convenes 46 members representing banking institutes like WSBI and training academies from all over the world. It aims to provide transparent professional qualifications, promoting banking efforts in terms of education and exchanging best practices.

During the last five years, EBTN has diversified its services with by offering accreditation and certification for quality standards. EBTN launched in January its "Triple E" standard for qualification, which provides a framework for how a professional qualification should be designed and executed. The standard aims at providing professional bankers with comparable training in terms of content and quality.  The Triple E quality standard for qualification is recognized as an important instrument to enhance employability of bank employees and raise quality of training in the sector. EBTN also offers platforms for exchanges of best practices and organizes committees on topics such as financial education, quality assurance and EFCB. 

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