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WSBI Thai member talks innovation

WSBI Thai member talks innovation

​Says GSB is ready for digital banking

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​BRUSSELS, 17 December 2017  A new video produced by WSBI interviews Isara Wongrung, Senior Executive Vice President of the Personal Customer Group at the Government Savings Bank (GSB) of Thailand on the importance of discussing innovation in the banking sector. 

Wongrung explains how the GSB takes advantage of new technologies to enhance the customer experience. He also explains in the 2-linute video that GSB is ready for digital banking, also noting that "It is a necessary move for savings banks and retail banks all over the world."

The video is part of communication work ahead of next week's two-day WSBI-ESBG Conference on Innovation held in Brussels on January 26-27 where Mr Wongrung will be speaking. He joins experts from other WSBI members who will speak during ​the event, including  Ms. Manju Agarwal, Deputy Managing Director for Digital Banking and New Businesses, State Bank of India; and CaixaBank of Spain's Antonio Massanell.

They join an impressive speaker lineup loaded with banking and technology experts, including trade association GSMA's Afke Schaart and Spyros Olympios of European Logistics. Technology and consulting firms scheduled to be represented by Yasser El Jassouli of MFI Insight AnalyticsBehavioSec AB's Calum MacleodAmazon Web Services' Tony van den Berge from Raisin's Michael Stephan and Eric Mouilleron of Bankable

​About the conference 

​Designed to showcase innovations-savvy member banks, the invitation-only event for member banks and stakeholders in the technology field, the conference theme is Gearing up for Digitisation: Adapting Retail Banking to the Digital Age. 

Taking place at the Radisson Blu hotel in Brussels, the conference is set to showcase the status of innovation in WSBI-ESBG member banks, to create an exchange of best practices and a dialogue with various stakeholders in the field.

Conference Topics

The conference will explore how innovation disrupts the banking and other economic sectors and the best strategy to bring new retail banking services and products to the market. It will also look at how the banking system can be made up-to-date as well as addressing how well banks have adapted to client needs. ​

>> Learn more about the conference
​>> See the video​

Innovation; Digitalisation; Financial inclusion