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WSBI publishes positions targeted for G20 decision-makers

WSBI publishes positions targeted for G20 decision-makers

WSBI, members welcome ambitious agenda of G20 under Australian presidency

​​​​BRUSSELS, 31 October 2015 – The World Savings and Retail Banking Institute (WSBI) and its members welcome the ambitious agenda of the G20 under the Australian presidency. WSBI applauds the G20 call to promote economic growth through quality jobs and investment, trust and transparency and through regulation. 

WSBI is keen to participate in the development of such plans and wish to highlight the potential impact that such policies may have on the activities of the savings and retail banks that constitute the its membership. These institutions are characterised by their responsible approach to business, their close involvement in local communities and their contribution to the real economy.

Some of the main messages that they wish to transmit to the G20 Leaders are summarised in a recently published WSBI position paper.

>> See the WSBI G20 position paper

G20; SME finance; Regional economy