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WSBI Innovation Conference Day 1 news

WSBI Innovation Conference Day 1 news

​​​Experts from around the world share success stories, insight on digitisation

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BRUSSELS, 26 January 2017 – Locally focused, customer-driven savings and retail banks are embracing the digital wave sweeping the financial sector, according to industry experts taking part in the WSBI Innovation Conference being held this week in Brussels.

The two-day event that starts today brings together WSBI-ESBG members to show how they are harnessing digitisation and technology to serve their customers better. They join policymakers, stakeholders, technology experts attending the conference to exchange best practices and to discuss the need for innovation-friendly public policy. Under the theme "Gearing up for Digitisation: Adapting Retail Banking to the Digital Age", the event showcases the innovation-savvy of members from a dozen countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas as well as insight from fintechs and mature, tech-driven firms like Amazon and IBM.

​The conference, which includes 30 speakers and presenters, kicked off with opening remarks from WSBI-ESBG Managing Director Chris De Noose, who noted: "A rapidly changing financial services landscape requires relentless innovation from the banking sector. Member banks are striving to build the future of banking and demonstrate it at events like this."

A look at Day 1

Following Mr De Noose's remarks​, the first panel looked at how innovation disrupts other economic sectors. A keynote speech followed by member Caixabank's Deputy Chairman Antonio Massanell, who chairs the WSBI-ESBG High Level Group on Digitalisation & Innovation. The morning ended with a look at retail banking products and services in the digital age with a mix of member banks and fintechs. The afternoon sessions explored revamping banks' back-office with banking technology and larger tech-related firms. Next was a panel on cyber-security defence with experts from organisations that focus on behavioural biometrics and anti-phishing. The final Day 1 panel, "Happiness is a journey, not the destination" included three WSBI-ESBG members banks who showed how banks can offer a seamless integration of new and traditional distribution channels for all customers.

​Summing up the first day of the conference, De Noose added: "Innovation requires a mindset change. Bringing that about comes from idea exchange and dialogue with members and industry experts as well as policymakers, who can build a framework that helps, not hinders innovation."

​Day 2 preview: branch banks, financial inclusion

Friday's programme features a morning keynote address by EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, who spent the last two years leading the EU executive body's digital agenda. WSBI President Heinrich Haasis will give welcoming remarks, touching on the importance of digitialisation and banking. Two panels round out the day, focusing on the future of the branch and another on new technologies and financial inclusion, which includes WSBI's newest member – State Bank of India. Jürgen Ingels, Founder of Eggsplore, on also address the conference, speaking on "From fintechs to tech4fin". 

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