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Podcast: Focus on Asia

Podcast: Focus on Asia

​​A closer look at a new brochure on WSBI in Asia-Pacific region


BRUSSELS, 6 July 2018  Episode #3 of WSBI-ESBG Exchange podcast looks at Asia, a growing region where WSBI members make great strides in financial inclusion and innovation. 

A new publication showcases some of the success by WSBI members there. WSBI's Mina Zhang dives into it, sharing a new brochure on members there making a big impact in local communities. (02:05)

​​Next up is an update on the WSBI partnership with the MasterC​​ard Foundation to make small scale savings work in Africa. WSBI has signed a memorandum of understanding with yet another partner. This time in Cote d’Ivoire. (14:13

The third topic in Episode #3 is a look at the EU FinTech Action Plan, where ESBG's Martin Okorn shares ESBG’s response to the EU Commission proposal. The response includes the European association’s stance on areas like cybersecurity. (28:25

​A news update from ESBG closes out Episode #3 (34:​37), as host James Pieper shares how the financial crisis, the growth of digitisation, market changes, and a continuously increasing and complex EU regulatory regime have created new trends in banking sector employment. Conclusions of a new study from European banking industry social partners show an overall shrinking EU financial services workforce, opportunities for older employees for a late career in the EU banking sector, a simultaneous deep drop in hiring younger employees, and a majority of women employees in the EU banking sector. ​​


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