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WSBI-ESBG Online Community launched

WSBI-ESBG Online Community launched

WSBI-ESBG Online Community launched




>> Access the WSBI-ESBG Online Community (password protected)







​​​BRUSSELS, 29 June 2016 – WSBI-ESBG launched today a new web-based platform that will help members identify and address sector challenges to help better embrace a rapidly changing banking landscape.

​Called the WSBI-ESBG Online Community, the digital platform is set to become a reference for members when seeking direct and immediate sharing of best practices at international level. The tool is designed to create cross-disciplinary collaboration to boost synergies between more than 6,200 institutions who make up the two-association joint membership in some 80 countries. Adaptable to any device, the platform is designed to help members ramp up innovation by turning concepts and ideas from a vast member knowledge base into reality thanks to active dialogue and idea exchange.  

"There is a need more than ever by our members to share their experience and know-how as digitisation takes hold in the sector," said WSBI-ESBG Managing Director Chris De Noose. "This digital space creates a robust, always-on forum for relationship building and aims to facilitate business relationships, promote joint projects and stimulate progress in retail banking among members."

Online Community Features

A technology first for WSBI-ESBG, the online community works in a private environment with exclusive registration for WSBI-ESBG invited members. A set of innovation forums have been built to generate exchange of ideas and trends such as innovation trends and public policy debates. Its structure houses working groups to allow managing projects between members. Activity functionalities are imbedded to detect and promote top ideas and contributors and gives the user access to resources such as reports and studies produced by WSBI-ESBG and others. To ease connections between people logged in, the system includes a directory of members.

Why it's important

The timing of the online community comes as conversations about innovation are carried out by associations and companies through digital spaces. Savings and Retail Banks are especially keen on innovation as the sector faces a "New Normal" in the increasingly cut-throat financial services sector. New entrants without the experience of ESBG members, who benefit from an unfair level playing field, are looking to provide financial services that have traditionally been part of our core business.

To avoid a "Kodak moment", WSBI-ESBG members will look to build out further their multi-channel distribution systems, leveraging their physical branch networks and, at the same time, becoming champions of the online and mobile banking, all while ensuring that staff – a most precious asset– is prepared to thrive in the digital era, making every effort to stay close to their customers.​


>> Access the WSBI-ESBG Online Community (password protected)



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