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WSBI-ESBG International Summer Forum concludes

WSBI-ESBG International Summer Forum concludes

​Unique event brought together senior-level bankers together.

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​​​​​​MALAGA, Spain, 19 September 2016 – More than 40 executive managers, including CEOs, from around 10 different countries convened last week in Malaga, Spain to learn and share their experience on serving SMEs as part of this year's two-day International Summer Forum.

The WSBI-ESBG Summet International Forum, held 15-16 September kicked off with a welcome address from event host UNICAJA as well as ESBG Managing Director Chris De Noose. 

Panel discussions followed on SME from different angles, including the legal and regulatory environment of the SME's that is currently reviewed by the European Commission. It also looked at the never ending subject of SME financing, the market's new entrants: start-ups and fintechs that compete with banks in the area of funding, payments and new digital services. The event also dug deep into how the SME business is entering a new era, looking what banks can do to accompany their "forever" customers.

​Presentations and discussions held on Thursday and Friday were given by a large variety of actors coming from the regulatory side, SMEs, international guarantee and funding institutions, fintechs and banks. All will present and defend their views of what are their respective role and contribution to the SME business growth in Europe.

​The WSBI-ESBG event was co-organized with CECA with the support of UNICAJA.


About the forum

A unique networking opportunity for senior-level bankers, the forum provides a platform for exchanging experiences with peers within the retail and savings banking sphere in Europe and worldwide. Attendees get insight on the latest best practices in retail banking and the latest updates on regulatory and supervisory issues impacting the sector. The event targets executives at all levels of retail banking, personal banking, consumer banking, proximity banking, investment and international retail banking, including regulatory and compliance experts.

>> Learn more about the forum

​For more information, please contact the event organiser Laurie Dufays at

SME finance; European Institutions; Business cases/models; Digitalisation; Innovation