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New CSR Committee chair announced

New CSR Committee chair announced

>> Austrian Savings Banks Association's Wilhelm Krätschmer to lead WSBI-ESBG group that sets CSR strategy.​

​​​BRUSSELS, 23 February 2016 ​– ​WSBI-ESBG members have an embedded social commitment to the communities and regions in which they operate. This is an integral part of their identity and one of their distinctive features amongst retail banking financial institutions. Traditionally, WSBI-ESBG members have contributed to the improvement of living conditions, supported local economic development and built greater social cohesion in their local communities. In most countries today, this commitment to society is one of the pillars of a broader and comprehensive corporate social responsibility approach, which is reflected in banking activities and professional practices. 

The CSR Committee's new chairman, Wilhelm Krätschmer from the Austrian Savings Banks Association, said: "Networking between CSR experts from member banks and organisations proves to be most useful to strengthen arguments used in national, European and International debates, to share and enrich CSR solutions and initiatives taken at national, European and International level and assess the evolution of the companies and stakeholders' CSR involvement and of public authorities' approach to CSR".  

​The CSR Committee meets several times a year and decides on the CSR Strategy of the organisation, both in the European and International policy debates.  It works towards strengthening the identity of WSBI-ESBG members by highlighting their role in territorial cohesion. 


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