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WSBI-ESBG becomes UNEP FI supporting institution

WSBI-ESBG becomes UNEP FI supporting institution

​​​​Will contribute to initiative success in furthering banking sector​ sustainability practices adoption, implementation

​BRUSSELS, 5 July 2018 – WSBI-ESBG has recently joined the United Nations Environment Programme – Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), a partnership between the United Nations Environment Programme and a global network of financial institutions. Bringing together more than 200 financial institutions, UNEP FI promotes sustainable finance worldwide.

WSBI-ESBG members share a long history of socially responsible banking. They have a strong commitment to sustainable development and address their corporate social responsibility as an integral part of their business. The recently amended WSBI-ESBG Charter for Responsible Business reflects members' environment-friendly business approach. The charter has become more explicit, reflecting the increasing work and commitment from WSBI-ESBG member institutions to adapt to global developments, market realities and challenges.

WSBI-ESBG also continues to work towards promoting a vision for a pluralistic banking model, an enabling environment for financial inclusion and models that adapt to environmental challenges and climate change. “Joining UNEP FI as a supporting institution is a logical next step to achieve all these objectives," says WSBI-ESBG Managing Director Chris De Noose.

As a supporting institution, WSBI-ESBG will contribute to UNEP FI's success in furthering the adoption and implementation of sustainability practices in the banking sector by sharing its expertise, and by providing a relevant platform where UNEP FI activities and knowledge can be leveraged and disseminated to its membership. WSBI-ESBG will also benefit from a broad range of UNEP FI's resources, activities and global network.

According to UNEP FI representatives, this partnership will allow both sides to disseminate and promote sustainable development through a continuous improvement of the financial system and its role in society.

UNEP FI is currently focusing on designing a set of banking principles, which will aim at establishing a benchmark and will define the banking industry's role and responsibilities in shaping and financing a sustainable future, in alignment with internationally agreed targets.

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