WSBI African Members gather in Kampala

Group meets under theme“Leadership in a digitally changing world”.​

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​KAMPALA, 3 March 2017 – The 23st WSBI Africa Regional Group Meeting kicked off yesterday, 2 March, in Kampala, Uganda, under the theme "Leadership in a digitally changing world".

The meeting aimed at following up on the decisions taken during the last regional meeting held in May 2016, in Madagascar, and deliberating on the main issues pertaining to the region.  

Postbank Uganda (PBU) CEO Stephen Mukweli opened the two-day meeting and was followed by Africa Regional Group Chairman Sabasaba Moshingi,  the chief executive of Tpb Bank (formerly Tanzania Postal Bank). 

WSBI Managing Director Chris De Noose also addressed the group on digitisation and banking regulation, saying: "We believe that regulators must also 'go with the flow' and learn to understand technology better in order to adapt quickly and intelligently to the new circumstances."

The members exhchanged on topics such as: 

  • ​​the financial sector situation in Uganda, the effective leadership when referring the impact of the new digital wave towards some institutions; 
  • technology regulation of financial related activities;
  • the measures to take to prevent fraud in a digital banking environment, the changing needs of customers thanks to the larger access to technology; and 
  • and the different areas of expertise needed when organizations adopt digital strategies.

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Financial inclusion; Digitalisation; Communication - institutional & commercial; Regulation