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French daily Les Echos interviews German member president

French daily Les Echos interviews German member president

​​​​BRUSSELS, 19 March 2018 ​ Readers of Les Echos newspaper in France read today an interview with German Savings Banks Association President Helmut Schleweis, who is featured in a question and answer article.

The seven-question interview with Schleweis, who represents German Sparkasse, touch on the topics on EU banking policy around the EU proposals to address non-performing loans, the EU Banking Union, and an EU-wide deposit guarantee scheme.

On non-performing loans, Schleweis points to the differences in NPL levels in Germany at 2 per cent and in Greece, where it hover around 50 per cent. He expressed concern about the difficulty in addressing it at European level, stating there is much yet to be done.

Written by Les Echos' Pauline Gouede and Thibaut Madelin, the article also makes clear the opposition of the German Sparkasse to the EU Commission's proposed EU deposit guarantee scheme, or EDIS. The story also touches on the governance of savings banks in Germany, whereby local political officials oftentimes lead the oversight of local banks where they serve. He refuted any criticism on governance saying, “I have managed during 30 years a savings bank and I have never been confronted with political influence that would have posed a problem to my institution. The Sparkasse do not have the right to leave their local area, the share the community's interest to help the local region prosper. »

The paper also features a profile piece on German savings banks, highlighting financial results for 2017 released recently by the German Savings Banks Association. Their combined €2.2 billion profit for that year by the network of savings banks was described by Les Echos as “the envy of the two other large commercial banks in the country."

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