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Scale2Save, partners gear up for International Youth Day

Scale2Save, partners gear up for International Youth Day


​​​​​​​WSBI programme to share case studies by partner banks in Africa

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​BRUSS​ELS, 5 August 2020 - International Youth Day is just around the corner on 12 August. The UN-supported day​ presents an opportunity for Scale2Save and its partners to showcase their stories. That includes how partners serve and empower youth and young people through their projects. 

Scale2Save project partners have provided Scale2Save stories to be shared on the day as part of programme aims to raise awareness around the need to mobilise savings among – and strength the resilience of – low-income populations. That includes financially excluded youth and young people. 

The International Youth Day campaign matters because interest exists within governments, NGOs and international bodies to learn more about how financial institutions address the needs of youth, young people and young adults. For example, financial inclusion features in eight of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

This year's International Youth Day theme, “Youth Engagement for Global Action”, seeks to highlight ways in which engagement of young people at local, national and global levels enriches national and multilateral institutions and processes, the UN says. It also draws lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be boosted.

WSBI, Scale2Save and youth research

WSBI's Scale2Save programme conducts research on youth and young people in Africa. To learn more visit the Scale2Save website. ​

>> Learn more about Scale2Save | >> See UN International Youth Day 2020 site | >> See Scale2Save Youth research

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