Savings and retail banking: Unique, locally driven

Locally focused banking model helps unleash real economy growth.​​

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BRUSSELS, 12 April 2017 – Just like other financial institutions, savings and retail banks have to cope with the challenge of digitisation, with an avalanche of new regulations and a low-interest-rate environment that hampers profitability. But unlike other institutions, savings and retail banks remain close to their customers to form the financial backbone of their regions and countries.

Indeed, during these times of change, every effort is being made by European savings and retail banks to contribute to economic growth and job creation while remaining close to their customers. Building on the banking model’s self-help roots, ESBG members remain at the forefront of social welfare and peoples’ needs through banking and foundation work. They serve local communities including households and small and medium-sized businesses. To continue doing this, it will be essential that regulations apply the principle of proportionality.

That means adhering to the European Commission’s stated principle on smart regulation: “meet policy goals at minimum cost and deliver maximum benefits to citizens, businesses and workers while avoiding all unnecessary regulatory burdens”.

As a financial catalyst for small and medium-sized companies – the backbone of the real economy – the savings and retail banking model is closely in-line with the European Commission’s agenda for EU growth and jobs. There is pressing need for policymakers to better understand and acknowledge the core role played by savings and retail banks to help local economies continue to develop and thrive.

>> Learn more: Policy Perspectives 2016-2017

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