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Retail Banking Conference 2017

Panel speakers come from policy, banking.​



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BRUSSELS, 19 May 2017 – This year's Retail Banking Conference brings on 27 June will bring together a high-powered lineup.

The three panels will include not only senior policymakers, but also representatives from ESBG member banks along with policy experts from other organisations. ​European Parliament ECON Committee Vice-Chair Peter Simon will take part in Panel 1: Anchoring trust and adjusting regulation for a growing economy. ECON Committee Member Mady Delvaux will take part the third panel: Policy implications of automation​​.​ ​European Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen​​​ is scheduled to speak before the panel sessions begin. 

Joining policymakers on stage will be representatives from WSBI-ESBG member banks in Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden and the United States. ESBG President Isidro Fainé and ICBA CEO Camden Fine are confirmed, along with Johanna Orth, Head of Group Regulatory Affairs, Swedbank, and Karl-Peter Schackmann-Fallis, Executive Member of the Board, German Savings Banks Association (DSGV).

Also taking part in the panels are Dirk Schoenmaker, Senior Fellow, Bruegel​ and Joanne Kellermann, Director of Resolution Planning and Decisions, Single Resolution Board.

​Held at The Hotel, the conference aims to tackle how best to ensure sustainable, innovative, ​savings and retail banks in the 21st century that help local economies thrive. This year's theme is "Proportionality and Sustainability as the Pillars of Growth"​. 

Three panels that will touch on:

  • ​​Anchoring trust and adjusting regulation for a growing economy; 
  • Sourcing local banks for a sustainable future; and
  • Policy implications of automation.

Why the conference is important

As Europe and many parts of the developed world emerge from aftermath of the financial crisis, people are seeking a more sustainable, secure future where jobs, growth and social cohesion form the centrepiece. People are beginning to question the role played by governments, authorities and financial institutions like locally focused savings and retail banks.

Serving a third of Europe's retail banking market, locally-driven banks face headwinds. They face a low-interest environment that squeezes margins, a costly and overburdensome regulatory avalanche, and criticism from bodies like the IMF for low levels of efficiency. That makes it more important than ever for their banking business model to listen and adapt because an always-on, digitally connected customer demands it and won't stand for standing in cue. Back-office operations are in need of ways to slash costs, improve efficiency while being even more customer-focused. 

As these winds of change blow, ESBG convenes bankers, stakeholders and policymakers to come together to address the need for change. They will explore the future role to be played by emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence as well as data – a precious resource for banks and clients alike – that all stakeholders demand it be more secure. Conference attendees and presenters will ​address calls for proportionality when shaping policy to help, not hinder innovation.

​Participants will also dig into sustainable banking. They will discuss how public policy and its effect on the banking model. That includes how retail banks can play a big role in areas like green finance, especially tapping into the model's strong SME finance track record. 


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>> See the draft agenda

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Proportionality; Innovation; Digitalisation; Banking Technology