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WSBI presents at this week's Responsible Finance Forum

WSBI presents at this week's Responsible Finance Forum

WSBI announces that it has accepted an invitation to take part in Responsible Finance Forum held later this month. ​

​​​​​BRUSSELS, 6 September 2015  WSBI has been invited by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to participate in the Responsible Finance Forum which will be held in Antalya, Turkey from 7- 9 September 2015.  WSBI will discuss lessons learned from the WSBI Doubling Savings Account Programme and their relevance to the Universal financial Access (UFA) 2020 goals  in the Industry Break-out  Session on  "Actionable Agendas and Next Steps". WSBI member Postbank Uganda will also participate in the Deep Dives break – out session " Savings: Innovating Digital Products Responsibly".

WSBI sees the forum as important because of its role as a World Bank/IFC partner to achieve Universal Financial Access (UFA) for working-age adults by 2020. WSBI remains committed to an account for everyone following the earlier commitments made by WSBI in Marrakech in 2012. With a view to contributing to UFA and with the lessons from its Doubling Savings Programme, WSBI plans to discuss barriers to usage of accounts and present potential solutions to practitioners and policy makers in achieving the UFA goal.

For more information, contact Weselina Angelow, WSBI, at

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