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Podcasts explore ESBG memorandum, Scale2Save

Podcasts explore ESBG memorandum, Scale2Save

​​​​​​Explains positions on Innovation, sustainable finance, financial education. Updates Africa savings programme.

BRUSSELS, 27 May 2019 – ​WSBI-ESBG released this week two new podcasts. The first covers ESBG's efforts before the run-up to this weekend's EU elections. Another provides an update on the Scale2Save programme​ in Africa.

Podcast#8: EU elections, ESBG memorandum update​

WSBI Exchange Podcast Episode #8 follows the EU elections and the related ESBG memorandum released earlier this year

​Sebastian Stodulka (01:15), who heads up our regulatory affairs department at ESBG, discusses the ESBG memorandum called “Together for a growing and more integrated Europe”. Released earlier this year, the 14-page document has eight sections that spell out the saving and retail banking association’s position on a host of issues. Sebastian talks about sections on sustainable finance and financial education. 

Natalie Staniewicz (13:17) follows with a talk on the digitisation and innovation and how it relates to EU policymaking. BACKGROUND The European elections are in full swing, with 751 seats up for grabs in the European Parliament. As those elections take place, ESBG – the European Savings and Retail Banking Group – have published a "memorandum" filled with ideas designed to help policymakers in the quest fulfil Europeans' demands for prosperity in the coming years.


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>> Read the brochure in English (.pdf)​​​ | En français (.pdf) ​| >> Read News & Views ​ 

Podcast#7: WSBI releases Scale2Save research on African savings and retail banks ​

Episode 7 focuses on Africa and Scale2Save – a programme designed to establish the viability of small-scale savings in six African countries. It’s a partnership between WSBI and the Mastercard Foundation. WSBI Director Ian Radcliffe, who leads the Scale2Save programme, talks about the new Scale2Save report on savings and retail banking in Africa. He also touches on future research, the Scale2Save Peer Review Workshop in Kenya, and a snapshot of projects taking place on the ground.


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