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SME financing success story: Pilots of the racetrack

SME financing success story: Pilots of the racetrack

WSBI-ESBG SME series: German firm thrives thanks to relationship with local savings bank 

>> Visit the Mika Timing website (off-site)​

>> Learn more: ESBG postion on SME financing

Image: Company founder Harald Mika

​​​​​​​​BRUSSELS, 21 June 2016 – The upcoming News & Views highlights companies based in Germany who have benefited from their relationship with their local Sparkasse. Yesterday we focused on punker GmbH. Today we learn about Mika Timing GmbH.

​Company: Mika Timing GmbH

Address: Strundepark Kürtener Straße 11b, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach

When participants of the Berlin Marathon, the Chicago Triathlon or the Stockholm Velothon cross the finish line, each participant's time must be accurately measured. Mika Timing ensures this.

Mika Timing has become the leading service provider for time measurement, participant management and the presentation of results at international sporting events. For Harald Mika, the company's founder, absolute reliability is given top priority.

​Error prevention is as important for Mika Timing as it is in the aviation industry. This is guaranteed, on the one hand, by its technological edge: the best measuring electronics available in the market, combined with Mika's own innovative data-processing solutions. Another factor is almost more important, however, Mika's experienced employees who run the equipment – i.e. the pilots of the racetrack. Nearly all of the employees have been with the company since it was established. This has allowed Mika to gain an outstanding reputation worldwide. And the company is still growing.


Business model: Electronic time measurement at international sports events

​Established: 2001 by Harald Mika in Bergisch-Gladbach

Workforce: Close to 75 full-time and 300 part-time employees

​Export: Handles approximately 400 sporting competitions worldwide for around one million athletes per year

Branch and subsidiary: A branch office in Switzerland and a subsidiary in Sweden

​Supported by: Savings bank (called Sparkasse in German) in Cologne


>> Visit the Mika Timing website (off-site)​

>> Learn more: ESBG postion on SME financing


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