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​Scale2Save: 3rd Peer Review Workshop

​Scale2Save: 3rd Peer Review Workshop


​​​​​​​​​​Partners met to focus on projects, challenges during Covid-19 pandemic in Africa during third event

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BRUSSELS, 22 September 2020 – WSBI's Scale2Save programme will hold its annual peer exchange on 21-23 October through a virtual workshop. Designed for Scale2Save partners, it will focus on programme aims, project activities and learning from research and work on the ground. 

The four-hour kick-off plenary on Day 1 explores savings in times of shocks like Covid-19, setting the scene, with keynote speeches, an expert "fireside chat" as well as an open hearing. Day 2 builds on the plenary and features four sessions, including one for executives on managing change during Covid-19. Project team members take part in three successive sessions to solve agent network challenges faced during the pandemic, how to make better use of internal customer data, and a delves into the digital customer journey  transitioning away from traditional savings practices. The third and final day provides a wrap-up, with feedback from Day 2 working groups and caps off with a Scale2Save outlook for 2021.



Scale2Save; Covid-19; Digitalisation; Innovation Hub; Innovation; Financial inclusion