Making globalisation work for everyone

Latest News & Views explores G20, innovation by WSBI-ESBG members

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​​​BRUSSELS, 7 June 2017 – ​WSBI work around G20 policy aims is featured in the latest News & Views magazine released this week. 

The 44-page edition’s leader focuses on how best to make globalisation work for everyone and the role played by locally focused banks to achieve that goal. It also provides a recap of what was said and by whom during a special G20 event held on 9 March in Berlin hosted by WSBI, together with the German Savings Banks Association and cooperative banking associations from German and European levels. 

The latest edition also takes a closer look at how innovation is occurring at member banks in China, Denmark, France and Norway. That includes stories a questions and answer piece with Postal Savings Bank of China's (PSBC) Lv Jiajin on how the Bank promotes the development of inclusive finance with digital technology. Jan Kondrup, chief executive of newest ESBG member LOPI presents association, discusses main challenges, opportunities for sector in Danish market as well as future plans​. Member BPCE of France is also featured

Other topics in the second quarter 2017 edition are sustainable finance, financial inclusion and updates from WSBI regional groups. 

See the .pdf version of News & Views >>

Financial inclusion; Innovation; Digitalisation; G20