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New: ‘Innovation Exchange’ videos

New: ‘Innovation Exchange’ videos

​​Videos highlight WSBI member efforts to harness digital wave

BRUSSELS, 6 December 2017 –​ WSBI released in November its innovation-focused video series called Innovation Exchange. The first in a multipart series kicks off with WSBI-ESBG's Natalie Staniewicz explaining how innovation and digitisation best works within WSBI-ESBG member savings and retail banks. The second in the series features WSBI-ESBG payments expert Diederik Bruggink, who gives insight into the role retail banks play in the digital 'New Normal' sweeping over the financial services sector. The third video features Shaheen Adam, Acting General Manager, PostBank in South Africa, who tells how innovation will shape the future of retail banking and the role of brick and mortar banks in the digital age.

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