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Sri Lanka WSBI member eyes Bangladesh, Maldives move

Sri Lanka WSBI member eyes Bangladesh, Maldives move

>> ​Newly appointed National Savings Bank Chairman de Silva sets course for coming years in interview

​​​​​​​​​​BRUSSELS, 21 April 2015  – The newly appointed Chairman of National Savings Bank, Aswin de Silva, has announced in a long interview given to The Island Financial Review the main key points to develop in the coming years. Among those points are enlarging its national branch network, especially in rural areas; improving productivity rates and financial items in order to provide a better service for customers; and establish an international presence in Bangladesh and The Maldives. Other priorities are establishing new interactions with customers and promoting financial education and inclusion in schools.

With a 5 per cent the market share, and taking into account the financial friendly environment created under the new government, Mr. De Silva remains optimistic in the near future and he believes that increasing the branch network will result in more chances of gradually ascending the market share ladder. De Silva has also announced in participating in entering trade finance as a new line of business as well as to maintain a healthy connection with the private sector.

De Silva has recognised that the institution must bring down its interest rates and concentrate on improving its productivity in order to provide a more sustainable ad affordable service to customers. These items will play out to the benefit of both the client and the institution itself.

De Silva has also declared that “after increasing our local presence, the next step will be to make an international appearance in Bangladesh and The Maldives”. This event will help to get much more valuable recognition and also showcase their different services to the international business community.

The National Savings Bank chairman also appointed that “they will let the customers decide what they want”. In that case, the Bank will evaluate customer responses and insights so that indirectly the customer will be the one who will drive the process forward with their active participation.

With regard to customer awareness, the Bank will also promote educational campaigns among the customers and new generations in schools and educational institutions about the importance of saving. 

>> Read the full article that appeared in The Island Financial Review

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