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Making retail banking state of the art​

Making retail banking state of the art​

​Services from WSBI and ESBG designed to transfer knowledge and experience​​

>> Learn more about WSBI-ESBG's training and consultancy services

​BRUSSELS, 8 February 2016 – WSBI-ESBG offers training and consultancy services that transfer knowledge and experience to retail banks and banking sectors worldwide.  Since the early 1990s, WSBI-ESBG have developed into a leading provider in a variety of fields​ (.pdf). With a special focus on financial inclusion, they have a proven track record in more than 70 countries and work with industry leading consultants from more than 50 countries.

​We provide services in various areas of expertise to savings and retail banking sectors, regulated microfinance institutions, central banks and regulatory authorities, and multilateral institutions.

Why it is important

As global business expands and customers have more choices for financial services, retail banks must continue to progress and offer state of the art services to their clients. The development of proficient, efficient, competitive and sustainable banking institutions is in the best interests of all banking sectors, as well as of national and international economies. It also supports the global policy priority of full financial access.

>> Learn more about WSBI-ESBG's training and consultancy services

​​>> See a full overview of our consultancy project experience (.pdf)

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