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Le Compte Nickel launches new payment account

Le Compte Nickel launches new payment account

>> ​Le Compte Nickel launches new payment account accessed at ‘buralistes’​

PARIS, 28 AUgust 2015 – ​​Le Compte Nickel has launched a new payment account that can be accessed at ‘buralistes’, French for tobacconists' stores. The bank hopes to attract 150,000 micro-enterprises in three years, and is opening more than 11,000 new accounts per month.

This is good news for tobacconists in search of income and for Le Compte Nickel, which will expand its field of intervention. The account is targeted at low-income households. In June, Le Compte Nickel received approval from the Bank of France to offer its services to customers aged 12-18 years and to workers. The bank will launch a specific offer to minors in September, and the service through micro-enterprises from November.

"We have a lot of demand from professional associations and from parents for their children to have accounts. This expansion of our services portfolio should enable us to reach a total of 150,000 new accounts this year, "anticipates Hugues Le Bret, Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Committee of electronic payments (EPF), the payment institution in which operates Le Compte Nickel.

>> See the full article (in French)

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