ESBG Positions document updated

Latest positions include stances on Digital Single Market, MiFID and the Retail Financial Services Action Plan

>> Download ESBG Positions  [.pdf]​

​​BRUSSELS, 16 March 2016   ESBG released today an update of its positions document covering a slew of EU policy areas affecting savings and retail banking. The 10-page ESBG Positions publication includes an updated stance on risk-weighted assets and the Retail Financial Services Action Plan. It also includes updates to policy stances on liquidity, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) Review, data protection regulation, the Digital Single Market and the Capital Markets Union.

Sent to EU policymakers and trade body members and made available on the ESBG website, the easy-to-read format is designed to help policymakers to understand better and acknowledge the pressing need for simplified regulation for savings and retail banks in Europe.

>> Download ESBG Positions  [.pdf]​

Data protection and data privacy; Retail payments; Capital Markets; MiFid; Liquidity standards; Corporate Social Responsibility; Regulation; Supervision; Leverage ratio; Liquidity ratio