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Latest brochure: ESBG Policy Perspectives

Latest brochure: ESBG Policy Perspectives

Savings and retail banking: A unique, locally driven model that helps unleash real economy growth and create jobs.

>> Read the ESBG Policy Perspectives 2016-2017 (.pdf)

​​​​​​​​BRUSSELS, 20 February 2017 –  Savings and retail banking remains a unique, locally driven model that helps unleash real economy growth and create jobs, says a recently launched publication by ESBG. 

Titled ESBG Policy Perspectives 2016-2017​, the 10-page document focuses provides an introduction by ESBG President Isidro Fainé and Managing Director Chris De Noose that outlines six policy-focused sections on main policy areas of concern to Europes 1000 savings and retail banks. Meant to be shared with policymakers and stakeholders, topics include: Local banking: Banking on diversity; Local banking: Responsible approach; Better regulation: Proportionality mindset; 21st century banking: riding the digital wave, adapting to customer needs; Financing SMEs: real jobs, real growth; Low and negative interest rates: the “big chill”. 

ESBG Policy Perspectives 2016-2017 is the outgrowth of ideas discussed at the ESBG President’s Committee held in June and reflects feedback of ESBG members since then. An open letter to policymakers accompanies the brochure, outlining the basic themes contained in the booklet. ESBG is on course to translate the brochure into​​ including French, German and Spanish languages.

SME finance; Proportionality; Proximity; Digitalisation; Innovation; European Institutions; European Supervisory Authorities (EBA-ESMA); Communication - institutional & commercial