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DSGV study: Financial education has impact

DSGV study: Financial education has impact


German savings banks association present findings at its 7th Forum Privater Haushalt "Learning for life – Financial education has an impact"

​​​​​​BRUSSELS, 4 March 2015 – German savings banks association DSGV held today its 7th Forum Privater Haushalt "Learning for life – Financial education has an impact". 

Once more it became evident that there is need for financial education in school for the younger generations, and namely in the current socio-economic context where the ability to manage and plan for the future proves to be crucial to deal with real life challenges. The event also provided the opportunity to showcase further evidence of the impact of financial education.  

The report "Ökonomische Grundbildung in Praxistest" – Commissioned by the Sparkassen-SchulService to the Zentrum für ökonomische Bildung-ZöBiS – shows that targeted lessons on economic concepts in a short timeframe can significantly improve the economic skills and competences of students. Students learn about concepts such as shortage, the principles of supply and demand and the need for the economic activity, but also about remittances, standing orders and direct debit. According to the study, 78.3 per cent of the students confessed having learnt a lot with the materials provided by the Sparkassen-SchulService.

Forty years bringing economy, money to students

​This year the Sparkassen-SchulService celebrates 40 years of experience and external partnership with schools. At the core of its activities, the Sparkassen-SchulService works to bring students closer to the functioning of the economy and money.   

Anchored to the criteria of neutrality and versatility, the Sparkassen-SchulService develops materials addressed to the needs of young people, so that they can transfer this knowledge into real life and challenges that await them. ​

Financial education; Financial inclusion; Corporate Social Responsibility