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ESBG discusses SME finance at European Youth Parliament

ESBG discusses SME finance at European Youth Parliament

ESBG, through German Savings Bank Association, takes part in European Youth Parliament session.​​​

​​​BRUSSELS, 21 April 2015 – ESBG was today represented by Mr Wolfgang Neumann, Director of EU-Policies, DSGV, the German Savings Banks Association, and chairman of the WSBI-ESBG Coordination Committee, at the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Session in Izmir, Turkey. 

Mr Neumann participated in an expert talk where he discussed the question of the future of SME policies and better access to finance for SMEs with young participants aged 16 to 25. Based on the knowledge gathered from savings and retail banks, which have a longstanding history of providing local finance and building strong relations with SMEs, he stressed once more that “due to the wide diversity of SMEs in size and sectors, there is not one type of financing instruments that should be privileged. While it appears clear that the capital market may offer an alternative solution for some types of SMEs, mainly the large ones, it may be far from being appropriate for others. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to take into consideration the needs of thousands of SMEs for which banks still represent today the most efficient and trustworthy partner. 

Recent observations confirm that more than the supply, it is the demand for loans that has been dropping due to a more careful entrepreneurial approach of SMEs. Therefore, it seems that rules focusing on the development of capital market instruments are at best incomplete and that stimulating bank lending to SMEs should also be given a priority.”

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